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What Are the Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks?

Roof repairs old roof replacement with new shingles of an apartment

Roof leaks can be a significant problem for any homeowner, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. Rain, snow, and sleet are some elements that can make a roof leak a more severe issue. You should be aware of what causes a roof leak to take measures to prevent them in the first place. Here are some of the most common causes of roof leaks.

1. Improper Installation

Having your roof incorrectly installed is one of the leading causes of roof leak problems. If you have had a new roof put on your house and it was done by someone who did not know how to do their job correctly, you will get roof leaks within a few years. Improper installations can lead to improper sealing between the shingle layers, allowing water into the building.

2. Poor Maintenance

Another reason for roof leaks is poor maintenance. When you don’t maintain your roof correctly, you’re putting yourself at risk for leaks. Poor maintenance can lead to cracks and gaps in your roofing. You can ensure that your roof is in good condition by having regular inspections performed by professionals. Periodic inspections may also help catch potential issues before they become more significant.

3. Weather Damage

Homeowners who live in areas with windy or snowy climates need to be extra careful when maintaining their roofs. For example, when high winds are blowing around, this could cause the roof to blow off. In other cases, strong winds can push heavy objects to fall on your roof. You need to install hurricane-proof shutters or other protection methods to keep this from happening.

In addition, if you live in a freezing climate, you’ll want to protect your roof against harsh temperatures. The best way to do this is to use insulation products and/or plastic sheeting on the roof.

4. Broken Exterior Vents

Exterior vents are often overlooked when homeowners try to keep their roofs free from leaks. However, this can prove problematic because these vents can let water enter through the roof. You should always check to see if your exterior vent is working correctly. It’s also good to place some flashing around your exterior vents to prevent leaking.

5. Old Shingles and Gutters

Wear and tear on materials like gutters and siding can leak over time. Old gutters and downspouts can become clogged with debris and risk leaking rainwater into your home. Roofing past its prime can also result in rips, tears, and holes in your roof. These problems can all contribute to roof leaks, so make sure to do the necessary replacements when needed.

Professional Roof Repair at M Roofing, LLC

At M Roofing, LLC, our team offers professional roof repairs to ensure that your roof’s free from leaks. Whether fixing a small hole or replacing an entire roof system, we’ve got you covered! We offer residential services, as well as commercial services. Call us today at (832) 730-5390 to get started with roof repair.

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