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Need tougher protection the attention they deserve.
against the elements? Upgrade to metal roofing today!

While metal roofing is a popular option for commercial buildings here in Humble, TX, it is becoming a more common choice for homes, as well. Our team at M Roofing, LLC can help you install a metal roof for your property to give it a sleek look and unmatched protection or offer repairs to keep your current roof strong and looking its best.

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The Proof is in Our Roof

Metal Roofing: Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

While installing a metal roof is a more expensive investment than using other roofing materials, the benefits more than make up for the cost. For example, you can make your home more energy-efficient with a metal roof that reflects heat away from the house. This will significantly decrease your cooling costs.


Metal roofing is also much more environmentally friendly than other roof types and requires less frequent replacement. They last for well over 50 years with proper maintenance—some even last up to 100 years. Your metal roof can easily be recycled after use as well.

The Proof is in Our Roof

Built Tough to Stand the Test of Time

There’s a reason metal roofing is so popular for commercial purposes. Its practical design allows it to stand up to the worst that nature can throw at it, from wind to thunderstorms and everything in between.

Metal panels are more resistant to hail and wind than composite shingles, and you can paint or coat themfor even more weather-resistance or opt for heavier gauge panels.

Some homeowners worry that metal roofing will be louder during heavy rain or storms. However, metal panels are just as quiet as shingles when properly installed with the right sub-roof materials.

Dents and dings are another common concern. There are metal roofing types that will dent in hail or other rough conditions, but many varieties are designed to be resistant to all types of weather. Metal is even fireproof and inhospitable to mold and pests such as termites.

The Proof is In Our Roof

Functional and Fashionable

With durable metal roofing for your home, you will spend less on maintenance and repairs over time while still enjoying protection from the elements. Many of our roofing material providers offer lifetime guarantees on top of our installation warranty. Metal also gives your home the best protection without using heavy materials. Metal roofing panels are lightweight, and as a result, they cause minimal stress to your building’s structure.

These roofs are produced in a variety of colors and styles to fit any building’s design and increase its curb appeal. You can opt for a more modern look with painted metal, or you can make your metal roofing resemble more traditional materials. That includes mimicking the design of shingles, slate, wood, and more while keeping all the benefits of a metal roof.

When you need a new roof for your home in Humble, TX, make sure you get one that will last. Call M Roofing, LLC at 832-730-5390 for quality metal roof installation. We can also handle repairs and maintenance!